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Tool Shop Hardening Systems MHS 31, MHS 41 and MHS 61

These toolshop hardening systems are suitable for hardening larger components in air or under a protective gas atmosphere. The systems can be assembled from a chamber furnace, a forced convection furnace, a protective gas box with a gas supply via a solenoid valve, a charging plate to protect the furnace floor, and a quenching bath with heating element. During the heat treatment under protective gas, the process starts with the flushing of the batch in the protective gas box by means of protective gas. Subsequently, annealing is carried out in the chamber furnace at a lower process flushing rate. The chamber furnace is opened after the annealing process and the batch is removed from the protective gas box to be quenched in the preheated quench bath. The final annealing process takes place in the forced convection furnace. For easier charging, we recommend the use of optional charging aids such as pull hooks and charging trolleys. The toolshop hardening systems are an assembly of furnaces and accessories from our standard range. All components can also be ordered separately.

Additional equipment

  • Draw hook
  • Charging cart
 ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmCharging heightOuter dimensions in mmHeatingElectricalWeight
  °Cwdhin mmWDHpower in kW2connection*in kg
MHS 31N 31/H1280350350250900104011001340153-phase210
 NA 30/656502904202609008701290138553-phase¹285
 Quenching bath Q 50-200170-700350350700---
 Heating element--------31-phase-
MHS 41N 41/H1280350500250900104012501340153-phase260
 NA 60/656503505003509009101390147593-phase350
 Quenching bath Q 50-200170-700350350700---
 Heating element--------31-phase-
MHS 61N 61/H1280350750250900104015001350203-phase400
 NA 60/656503505003509009101390147593-phase350
 Quenching bath Q 50-200170-700350350700---
 Heating element--------31-phase-
Acces-Charging cart CW1----880 - 9203301100880 - 920---
soriesCharging cart CWK1----880 - 9203301100880 - 9200,21-phase-
 Side platform-600600 900600600900---
 Protective gas box N 31/H1100280230200-316304226---
 Protective gas box N 41/H1100280380200-316454226---
¹Heating only between two phases *Please see page 73 for more information about supply voltage
2Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher